The process of trading in your vehicle can be pretty straightforward. It involves you trading in the vehicle you currently own for a newer vehicle. There are many tools online that you could use to get an estimated valuation. However, utilizing Clare Dodge for an estimate has several benefits, including saving time, getting a thorough and complete inspection, and getting the best offer possible for your vehicle.

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Clare Dodge Trade-In Estimate

Clare Dodge features a self-serve trade-in appraisal, a benefit that allows you to submit information about your vehicle. The final offer depends on a variety of factors, including the year, make, and model of the vehicle, the specific trim, the add-on, or extras of the vehicle, the number of kilometres used on the vehicle's odometer, the interior condition and the exterior condition of the vehicle. The current marketplace will also have a substantial effect on our factors, including obtaining the value of your vehicle in the local area and the collision history of the vehicle.

Why Do You Need To Trade-In?

Do you trade in your vehicle? Trading in your vehicle allows you to enjoy the benefit of not having to worry about selling your old car after. With our experienced and trustworthy dealership, you won't have to fret over your safety.

The Benefits of Trading your Old Vehicle for a New One

A vehicle trade-in is beneficial for several reasons, including saving money on reconditioning and detailing, protecting yourself from the hassle of advertising costs by allowing the dealership to handle them. You also get to enjoy the added benefit of getting a discount off your existing loan by not being required to pay it off in full.

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At Clare Dodge, we make it easy for you to finance or lease a vehicle. Apply for our secure online finance application for fast pre-approval directly through our Finance Centre. We have a variety of new and pre-owned Jeep inventory available.

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