Credit Application In Weymouth, Nova Scotia


Clare Dodge is the preferred Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership in Weymouth, Nova Scotia, and serves the surrounding areas of Digby, Yarmouth, and Bridgetown. Clare Dodge is not just a great place to buy and service your car but is also a great place to finance your vehicle. We offer flexible, customizable loan plans that will save you time and money. We even provide hassle-free and bad credit car loans to help you buy the car you want.

Hassle-Free Loan Options & How Car Loans Help Rebuild Credit

You may have heard that having a bad credit history can make getting a car loan difficult or that having no credit history at all is even worse. Also, you may have heard that getting a car loan involves a lengthy and complicated credit application process full of stacks of paperwork and uncomfortable interviews. All of these things may be true at some places, but not at Clare Dodge. Atlantic Auto Financing, our finance centre, offers hassle-free loans, bad credit car loans, and loans for every type of buyer to get you into the car you want without breaking the bank. The best way to improve your credit is to obtain a sizable loan and make the payments on time. Atlantic Auto Financing can give you advice on how to rebuild your credit.

Clare Dodge Is Here to Help You Obtain the Best Loan

Our loan officers are friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable. They're experts in car financing and will never judge you. Our finance team's job isn't to sell you anything but only to help you get the funding you need. You can feel confident in applying online since your financing information is encrypted in a super-safe digital format and is never sent to an unprotected site or through email.

Contact Us

Contact Us at Clare Dodge for more information about our finance options. You can start the process from the comfort of your own home by filling out our online credit application form. Once you've finished, one of our financial advisors will contact you within the hour to discuss your situation, our loan offers, and your next step. Our website has other great tools available, such as our detailed inventory listing and our online trade-in valuation tool. Get a quick and accurate estimate of your vehicle's current market value today. If you want to see our inventory and talk to one of our loan officers right away, then stop by our dealership and visit our Finance Centre in person.